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Pubg | Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map


Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map

Hey, Everyone, We all are familiar with the Pubg game. But There are some places for best Loot in Pubg and you can get Chicken Dinner Without any Problem Of Loot.

So Let's Start. 

First Place is Docks. It is my favorite place for loot in sanhok map. Here you can get the snipers and the 8x scopes very easily. Sometimes You can get The flare gun. 
You can Check this place and comment If You liked this place.
Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map

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The Second Place for Loot is The paradise resort. But many pro players land in this place. So we have to Camp on this play If we want to survive. We definitely get Flare Guns on this map. I play on this place when I play with my brother.

You can get here 1. 6 x scope
                            2. M24 sniper
                            3. Flare Guns and many more

This place is in the center so we not have to worry about the safe zone.

Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map
Paradise Resort

And The Third Place Which I prefer is the Boot Camp. This is an amazing place on Sanhok. At this place Also many people land. But You Can survive Here By Snipping. Here You Can get a lot of ammo and meds. There are Many Chances of 8x and flare gun. 

This place Is also in center.

You can Land here with Squad. when you loot the Boot camp You can move to Nearer Buildings.
Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map
Boot camp
 And The Last But Not The least is Cave Here You only Loot when You are Playing Solo. Because there the loot is limited. 
But the loot is Very good. You can get Scopes, ammo, snipers, assault rifles and many more. 

The You can move to Kampong It is Also A good Place To Loot.
I Land on this place when  I played the sanhok First Time.

Best Places For Loot In Sanhok Map
Cave sanhok map

In case you're searching for a calmer landing utilizing this technique, you'll have to give careful consideration to both the flight way and the circle. The primary ring will as of now be unmistakable on the guide when the plane sets off, so to locate a sheltered spot you'd do best to abstain from heading towards the ring, yet above all, you should go a long way from the plane's course. Because of the little island, dropping anyplace near the plane's way will no doubt observe you in battle seconds after you arrive. Of course, you most likely shouldn't play on Sanhok if that doesn't seem like some tea. 

Where to evade 

As maps go, Sanhok is really liberal, however, there are a couple of areas that we genuinely believe are best taken off alone. The northern Tat Mok offers so a couple of structures in such an open region, to the point that you're in an ideal situation arriving at Khao or even at the disengaged structures close-by. Bhan's one of a kind plan may look energizing with its raised wooden walkways, however tragically arriving on these by means of the parachute can demonstrate greatly fiddly, and you'll frequently end up hurled to the floor, weaponless. Considering how open the spot is, you're probably going to wind up dead regardless of whether you're sufficiently fortunate to catch an early weapon. It's justified regardless of a trek just to see the one of a kind situation, however, best checked off the rundown when planning to advance far in the diversion as even the plunder is nothing uncommon.

Last tips for Pubg

When all is said in done, diversions of Savage happen in indistinguishable way from a run of the mill PUBG coordinate yet with the experience rate dialed up to eleven. Hope to keep running into players routinely, and try to check the skyline always as you move. 

Sound is critical constantly here, so in case you're dashing around the shrubbery at full pelt you'll likely get dropped by a more slippery player. Keep your development short and precisely arranged. 

On the off chance that you thought shrub outdoors was terrible on Erangel, get ready to be irritated by Sanhok. a large portion of the guide is covered in long, dim green grass, which makes spotting most players condemned dubious. Consolidate that with an expansive, ferny bramble and you can turn out to be everything except undetectable with the correct situating. In Third Person Perspective this is extraordinarily great, as should be obvious in the pictures underneath. Check the brambles around you precisely in the last phases of the diversion, and make utilization of them yourself where conceivable.

Hope You Liked The Tips. Please Dont Be So cheap to share.


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