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Here I will Show you, Friends, How to Play Pubg on Pc.

First, Go to This link and download the emulator.

Second, Open the installer and hit the button to “Install.”

Third,  Press the button to start the program, “wait for 
download” and then wait again at the “downloaded” screen. This part can take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Fourth,A separate window opens during the installation process, and PUBG Mobile will launch there when it ’s finished.

Here are the Controls Of the Emulator

Pubg on pc
Play Pubg
  • WASD/ Directionals: Move
  • Left Click: Fire, punch or melee
  • Right Click: ADS
  • Spacebar: Jump, vault, swim
  • C: Crouch
  • Z: Prone
  • Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Mouse Lock: AutoRun
  • Throwables (Frags, Smokes, Molotovs, Stuns): 4, 5, 6
  • Heal Items (Medkit, First Aid, Bandage, Energy Drink, Syringe): 7.8,9,0
  • F1: Quickly displays controls
  • F: Interact
This can improve your Gameplay. On the off chance that by chance these settings don't speak to you, you can transform them by squeezing the little console catch in the upper right of the imitating screen. This raises the key mapping menu demonstrated as follows. Simply locate the key in the zone, double tap its little air pocket and supplant the key by squeezing the catch you need. Spare the course of action when you're set.

Pubg emulator Controls

Pubg emulator controls


Tencent Buddy is still in beta, so bugs and execution issues are not out of the ordinary. That being stated, squeezing the little menu catch at the highest point of the copying window and choosing "Settings" has a couple of changes that can be made to help bring down end frameworks.

pubg mobile settings

In the Game subsection, changing the goals to SD is a strong though if your PC doesn't have a committed illustrations card. Past that, the settings in the Engine menu are better left immaculate except if you're an accomplished PC client. This diversion will never look comparable to its Steam partner, so tinkering with the settings is anything but a noteworthy need for this situation. 

Also read: Pubg New update 0.9.0


The real catch with playing PUBG Mobile on Tencent Buddy is that you'll just be coordinated with different clients who are additionally playing on Tencent Buddy. Accordingly, you won't have the capacity to play with people on Apple or Android telephones. There has been some dialog that iPad Pro proprietors can join the Tencent Buddy campaign, however, cross-stage play is for the most part nerfed. In the event that you need to squad up with companions, they must play on Tencent Buddy with you. 

PUBG Mobile is accessible now on Android, iOS, and PC utilizing Tencent Buddy

What are your musings on this authority PUBG Mobile emulator? Are console and mouse bolster still fun without the undeniable exactness advantage over telephones? Let us know in the remarks segment!


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