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Pubg Best 5 Places to Loot In Erangel: Check It Out

Best Places For Loot In Erangel Map

PUBG loot locations

Hello, Everyone, We all know about the Pubg diversion. In any case, There are a few spots for best Loot in Pubg and you can get Chicken Dinner Without any Problem Of Loot.

PUBG plunder can be discovered everywhere, except investing some genuine energy with the diversion and you'll rapidly understand a few spots are reliably superior to other people. 

The best PUBG plunder areas, in spite of the regularly changing nature of flight ways and reachable drop zones, tend to remain the equivalent, and ordinarily share a similar kind of thing for all intents and purpose between them: loads of plunder, bunches of players, heaps of opportunities to get slaughtered before you've even begun. 

Here on this page, we'll talk about the best plunder areas in PUBG, including the two maps and separating each segment into particular tips for each.

PUBG loot locations - where to find the best loot on  Erangel Army installation: 

Military Base

PUBG loot locations
Military base pubg

Plunder quality: Very High 

Plunder amount: Very High 

Hazard: Very High 

The Military Base, on Erangel's littler, southern island, has the most predictable measure of superb, military-review plunder. Military review implies things like level 3 protective caps and body covering, ample degrees and connections, restorative rigging and ambush rifles. 
It's quite often occupied, yet it's huge to the point that your entire squad could plunder it and not see another doing likewise. Go for the three long structures in a U-shape for thick measures of plunder that is anything but difficult to work your way through. In the event that you can arrive from a flight way that is very far away, say by means of quick vehicle like bicycle, at that point it's a mind boggling spot to plunder in peace - however simply be careful about "connect trolls" holding up to snare you while in transit to the terrain.

You can Check this place and comment If You liked this place.


PUBG loot locations
School Pubg

Plunder quality: High

Plunder amount: High

Hazard: Very High

The School - the huge, focal square-formed working by Rozhok - is greatly mainstream, and in this manner enormously hazardous, in light of the fact that it's dead focal situating quite often puts it inside landing separation of a drop from the plane.
The plunder isn't military-review, however there's most likely a full squad's worth there - if it's at the edge of parachute remove at that point battling it out with (and ideally overcoming) one other player or squad is an incredible method to set yourself up for an exceptionally solid push into the late amusement. Loads of level 2 outfit, great weapons and connections and therapeutic plunder, as well.

This place is in the center so we not have to worry about the safe zone.

Read :


Plunder quality: High 

Plunder amount: Very High 

Hazard: Very High 

Quit arriving here! Except if you need to rehearse, warm up, or bite the dust rapidly that is. Pochinki has great plunder and heaps of it, however it's constantly pressed, it's difficult to know where different groups are (thus simple to be executed by them) due to the sheer number of spots to cover up, and it's simply for the most part an inside and out death zone. 

Extraordinary for training however, or crisis plundering in case you're going through and shy of apparatus later on, yet there are other comparable choices with marginally bring down hazard and somewhat higher reward that aren't far away. It's fine to let it all out, simply don't anticipate that it will be sheltered, ever.

This is my favourite place.

You can Land here with Squad. when you loot the pochinki You can move to Nearer Buildings.

Hospital (in addition to Georgopol cartons and southern structures): 

Plunder quality: High 

Plunder amount: Very High
Hazard: High 

The Hospital-Georgopol-cases zone is all kind of associated. The best place is most likely the Hospital - the H-molded building only south of the town - as there are immense amounts of plunder that is simply beneath military-review stuffed into its different hallways here, enough to unit out a full squad.
The compartments, or makes, toward the east of the town is the following best place to go. The bunch of distribution centers are the place to begin, at that point work your way through the compartments - and above all onto the highest point of them - to hoover up parts all the more great plunder. Once more, a squad can practically stock up here.
At long last the structures - on the south drift, not the northern one, which can be shockingly baffling as far as plunder to-time-spent-plundering proportion - are additionally brimming with great quality apparatus. You begin to take in the interal structure of these houses rapidly and can transform it into a brisk technique with some training. The brought down hazard for these zones originates from the way that they're out on the west drift, which means less every now and again under the bustling flight way.

And The Last But not the least

"Novo," or Novorepnoye crates:
  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Very High
  • Risk: High
Novo is a funny one - it's right in the corner of the map so can leave you a bit stranded, but there's always access to boats which can be very useful when used well (to sneak into the late game). The shipping containers (crates) are the best spot, so start with the warehouses there, then go through (and over the top of) the containers. Loads of loot here, but the houses nearby aren't so good, and be wary of both Military Base players and bridge trolls as you leave.


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